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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4.

hey bloggers,
When I was going through my room, I found this book that I got from a great friend. This is a devotional magazine. It is the full new testament for girls. Its full with some really good stuff!
Anyway, looking through it... I remembered these amazing little grey sections on every second or so page. It is a bible verse, but in toady's language!
Today, I was challenged by a girl from school. She has been going through a pretty hard time. I didn't want to put pressure of God on her. But I know that it is very important that I do.
I think that this verse is really good, for not only her but all of us.
No matter what you are going through... if you let Him, God will take away your stress and pain!
This is the verse....
B tuff & brave. Don't B fraid, coz d lord yr God wl b w/u evrywhr u go
Be tough and brave, Don't be afraid, cause the lord your God will be with you everywhere you go
It is also saying that God will and is with you everywhere you go... whether it is to get a drink or jump off a bridge! He's there :)
That's all for today, have a great day :)


  1. Keep blogging, bloggirl! We'll post you on facebook shortly when you get into the swing of things and you'll be writing to hundreds in no time! :) Love from your first fan ;) (apart from your mum of course)