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Thursday, August 5, 2010


hey bloggers,
One thing that I am learning from at the moment is Gossip. We have has speeches this week and one of the topics was gossip. Today one of the girls in my class did her speech on gossip. It really hit me as I have beem reflecting on it for the past week of what gossip actually is. I always thought "No I am never going to gossip." but now looking back at this year it is amazing at how easily you fall into the trap. But gossip isn't just telling someone someone elses secret, it can be as small as saying o did you hear about those two are going out, or did you hear she dumped him. It is hard to never gossip, but whether you have spread gossip or had gossip go around about something about you, its not nice.
One really important thing to remember, is will this hurt someone if it got out. and also why am I saying this and who is this going to benefit? Also pray! Pray when you need help! Pray when you need forgivness! Pray when you are being hurt!

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